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What is DigiGroup?

DigiGroup operates in 3 specialist sectors

About DigiGroup

Digigroup is a private independent company with over 10 years of experience in digital market which has developed a wide range of products, systems and services that may satisfy the needs of the customers. DigiGroup operates in 3 specialist sectors as Digital Satellite TV Provider, Digital Networking Company and Digital Shopping ... More >>

What is Digisat?

It is a pay TV network company

About DigiSat

Digisat - it is the content provider of digital satellite services. We have installation service for: Analog TV (RF), Digital TV (DVB-S/S2), Digital Cable TV (DVB-T/T2/C) and İPTV, with fiber optical distribution. 
We also provide channels in foreign languages that offers international television entertainment content such as mo ... More >>

What is Diginet?

Provides services over a digital transmission network

About DigiNet

Diginet provides round the clock, secure, high quality, point-to-point services over a digital transmission network. Diginet lines are available in various capacities up to 10MB, and are sold in structured contention ratios. Diginet provides TV channels in SD and HD formats. Diginet lines are monitored 24/7/365 for faults and ... More >>

What is Digisale?

Find & Buy Everything You Need‎

About DigiSale

Digisale is an online digital shopping website where you can find a wide range electrical items. The product range includes antennas, dishes, headends, multiswitches, amplifiers, fibre optical products, antenna sockets and receivers for direct reception via terrestrial, satellite, cable or IP distribution. ... More >>

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Conference at BBC

Conference at BBC


TRIAX Training February 2015 - Hornsyld, Denmark

TDX Middleware - Scrambling Solutions


DigiSat made contract with Turner Brodcasting System

DigiSat made contract with Turner Brodcasting System, INC as distributor of commercial






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